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Can I Get into Canada with a DUI to Act or Entertain?

The film industry is huge in Canada, especially in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Many Hollywood blockbusters, popular TV shows, and major commercials are filmed north of the border, and consequently, many actors and industry personnel from California and the rest of the United States travel to Canada for work. Many American entertainers also travel to Canada to perform. Any actor or entertainer that has a DUI or DWI on their criminal record, however, may be criminally inadmissible to Canada and denied entry at the border unless they have obtained official permission for entry.

A DUI is now considered a serious crime in Canada that can punished by up to ten years of prison time. Consequently, even a single drunk driving offense from long ago can lead to issues at the Canadian border. Entry to Canada with an impaired driving arrest or conviction can be achieved via a Temporary Resident Permit or Canada Criminal Rehabilitation. A Temporary Resident Permit, often referred to as a TRP, can allow an American to overcome their criminal history and enter Canada for a limited amount of time provided they have a valid reason for travel. It is possible for a TRP to be issued for multiple visits over a time span of up to three years. Canadian Criminal Rehabilitation is a lifelong solution and can enable an individual to overcome their inadmissibility to Canada forever. Rehabilitation takes significantly longer to obtain, however, and is only available to individuals who completed all sentencing including probation at least five years prior.

Without special permission for entrance, anyone flying to the country to act in a movie, work in television production, play in a band, or perform any other role in the entertainment industry could be denied entry to Canada if they are inadmissible due to criminality. This being said, with a TRP or Criminal Rehabilitation, working in Canada as an actor or film crew with a DWI or other past misdemeanor or felony conviction can be possible! In addition to performers, actors, artists and athletes, this also includes camera operators, costume designers, security guards, stagehands, tour managers, photographers, cinema makeup artists, journalists and reporters, sound and light technicians, directors, producers, coaches, hair stylists, film makers, personal assistants, and talent agents. The good news is that requesting permission to travel to Canada with a DUI in order to work in entertainment is typically considered to be a very valid reason since the industry has a significant impact on the Canadian economy.

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Criminal Inadmissibility

Impaired driving violations are not the only offenses that can render an athlete or movie industry professional inadmissible to Canada. Domestic violence, theft, possession of drugs without a prescription, assault, fraud, and a variety of other criminal convictions can also cause an American to be denied entry at the Canadian border. Even if the offense was only a misdemeanor, such as possession of a controlled substance that involved a very small quantity of drugs, it can equate to a potentially serious crime in Canada and thus lead to a refusal of admittance at the border.

Obtaining a Waiver

While the production company will often handle obtaining Canadian Work Permits for the talent they're bringing in from the United States, clearing up a past DUI conviction is typically the responsibility of the individual. In our experience, producers will often happily provide documentation to help support a TRP application for someone involved in the movie shoot, but will normally expect the person to hire a Canada DUI entry lawyer themselves since it is their past mistake causing the problem.

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