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How Does a DUI from Each State Affect Entry to Canada?

Drunk driving laws can vary greatly from state to state. Some states use the term DUI or driving under the influence, others use DWI or driving while intoxicated, and many states use a different acronym altogether such as OVI, DWAI, or OWI. Most states have "zero tolerance" laws for driver's under 21 and have implied consent laws making it illegal to refuse a breathalyzer. Several states also have a specific DUI drugs law making it illegal to operate a motor vehicle with a measurable amount of any intoxicating drug in your body.

In some jurisdictions, a first offense drunk driving charge is treated as a civil violation not a crime. Depending on the state, it may also be possible to arrange a plea deal to have a first offense DUI charge reduced to reckless driving, negligent driving, or another traffic misdemeanor. Even though impaired driving laws vary by region, most alcohol-related driving violations in the United States can potentially render a person inadmissible to Canada putting them at substantial risk of a border denial without special permission for admittance.

DUI California

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs carries stiff punishments in California. The state has mandatory jail time for first offense drunk driving and is particularly harsh on DUI re-offenders. To learn more about how a California DUI or wet reckless can affect entry into Canada, read our article about visiting Canada with a California DUI. California is one of the only US states where impaired driving offenses can be expunged.

DWI Texas

Driving while intoxicated in Texas can render a person ineligible to go to Canada. For more information about crossing the Canadian border with a Texas DWI, read our article about entering Canada with a DWI Texas.

DUI Florida

Foreign nationals who are arrested or convicted of drunk driving in Florida can also be denied entry into Canada. To read more about getting into Canada with an impaired driving charge from Florida, read our article about traveling to Canada with a Florida DUI.

DUI Montana

People that live in states that share a border with Canada, such as Montana, generally require access to the country much more frequently. To learn about traveling north of the border with a criminal record from Montana, read our page about Canada entry with Montana drunk driving conviction.

DUI North Dakota

Many residents of ND love to hunt and fish, and will often travel to Canada in order to do so. Besides farming, oil and gas (fracking) are the state's main industry, so there is a lot of cross-border business that gets done between North Dakota and the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. To learn more about entry to Canada with North Dakota DUI, please click the link for a full guide.

DUI Idaho

Whether you are flying to Canada or driving across the border, an Idaho DUI can render a person ineligible for entrance according to Canada's immigration laws. For more information about visiting Canada with a DUI Idaho, please read our complete article on the subject.

DUI Washington State

Residents of Washington state frequently cross the Canadian border into British Columbia. Whether you are planning a romantic weekend in Vancouver or skiing vacation to Whistler, if you have a DUI on your record you may be ineligible to enter the country. To learn more about how a Washington State DUI conviction can affect travel to Canada, read our guide on going to BC with a Washington DUI. First-time impaired driving offenses in the state of Washington are often reduced to reckless driving or negligent driving, both of which can still potentially result in a traveler being refused entry at the Canadian border.

DWI Minnesota

Sharing a border with Canada, people from Minnesota frequently travel to the Great White North to go fishing or hunting in Ontario or Manitoba. If a United States citizen has a Minnesota DWI, however, he or she could be at risk of a border denial unless they obtain special permission to visit Canada. To learn more, please see our detailed guide to going to Canada with a Minnesota DUI. Other misdemeanor and felony convictions in MN can also cause problems when crossing the border.

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