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Can You Go to Canada with a DUI to Visit a Long Distance Love Interest?

The Internet, and video chat software such as Skype, have made it very possible to fall in love with someone in another country. If you have met a man or woman online that lives in Canada and have developed a romantic interest in them, it may be important to learn about each other in person before taking things to the next level. If you have a drunk driving arrest or conviction on your criminal record, however, visiting a lover in Canada could be a problem because you may be considered inadmissible to the country due to criminality and denied entry at the border unless you have special entrance permission. Impaired driving is now serious criminality in Canada and can result in a jail sentence of up to ten years. As a result, an American with even a single DWI or reckless driving conviction long in their past can be rejected at the border.

If you want to overcome your inadmissibility so you can visit a love interest in Canada, you can request entry permission via Criminal Rehabilitation (CR). Also referred to as a pardon, Criminal Rehabilitation Canada can enable a person to travel to the country as often as they wish for the rest of their life without their past criminal convictions causing problems at the border. Canadian CR is only available to people who have completed all sentencing and probation a minimum of 60 months prior. Criminal Rehabilitation also typically takes at least six months to attain after you apply, which can seem like an eternity if you are itching to meet a special someone.

In some situations, there may be a second option for crossing the Canadian border. A Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) is a document that can permit a foreign national with a criminal record to go to the country for a limited amount of time and a specific reason. A Canada TRP can be obtained quickly and may be available for multiple entries across the border for as long as three years. In most cases, however, wanting to cross the Canadian border to visit your lover will not be considered a valid reason for a Temporary Resident Permit to be issued. This being said, such decisions are always at the discretion of immigration officials and will have a lot to do with the specifics of a person's case. Visiting a romantic interest you met on Reddit last month is obviously a different situation than going to meet a person you have been communicating with daily for a significant amount of time, but Rehabilitation is always the recommended process for those who are eligible.

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Online dating is extremely popular these days, and video dating makes it almost as easy to flirt with someone from another country as it is to connect with singles online in your own city. If you have fallen in love with a man or woman from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, or any other Canadian city, but you have a drinking and driving conviction on your criminal record, it is important that you deal with your potential criminal inadmissibility issues before trying to visit them in Canada. There are few easier ways to ruin your first "real life" meet up than getting denied at the Canadian border and leaving them hanging. The faster you can deal with your possible border issues by overcoming your DUI the faster you can kiss your lover and decide in person if they would make a good future husband or wife.

Criminal Rehabilitation is almost always the best route for Canada DUI entry if your reason for travel is leisure or love-related. While it would obviously be nice to visit your romantic partner quickly, unless your husband or wife lives in Canada getting approved for a TRP for love purposes will likely be tough. For this reason, fixing your inadmissibility via Rehabilitation is ideal for those who are eligible. If you ever plan to marry this person, you should also realize that criminal inadmissibility to Canada due to driving drunk can impede your ability to become a Canadian permanent resident via spousal sponsorship, so taking care of the issue permanently can have long-term benefits as well.

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