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Can a Vaccinated Person Travel to Canada from USA?

International travel was almost non-existent during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but most Americans are now vaccinated and are starting to plan trips again. This leads to the question, can a US citizen get into Canada if they have been fully vaccinated? Unfortunately, the Canadian border is still closed to non-essential visitors even if they have a vaccine shot. Business travelers who are considered "essential" can now enter Canada, as can many Americans with family or partners north of the border, but the land border is still closed to leisure travel regardless of a person's vaccination status.

We expect the Canadian border will reopen very soon (possibly as early as July 21st 2021)! CNBC reported that COVID travel restrictions could be relaxed this summer, and several politicians on both sides of the border have been aggressively lobbying for vaccinated individuals to be allowed to cross the border. For example, US Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer has been pushing for the land border between Canada and USA to open immediately to people with proof of vaccination. "The bottom line is very simple. If you have a vaccine, you should be allowed to cross the border" he told media in May 2021. A recent Bloomberg News story said that official talks on lifting COVID border restrictions are now underway. We update this page frequently, so if you are hoping to take a trip to Canada in the near future please return often for new updates.

Once vaccinated US citizens are allowed to visit Canada for leisure purposes, they will likely need to bring proof they had their COVID-19 vaccine shots. Often called a "vaccine passport" or "vaccine card", this document may need to be shown to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) authorities in order for an American to be granted entry. Consequently, it is extremely important not to misplace the immunization card you received after your first or second COVID shot if visiting Canada is of potential interest. A person will also need a valid US passport, or other acceptable ID such as an Enhanced Driver's License (EDL), and anyone hoping to enter Canada with a DUI or other criminal record (including both misdemeanor and felony convictions) may need to apply for special entrance permission from the Canadian Government.

When Can I Visit Canada?

The Government of Canada has not yet announced when they will begin allowing Americans who have been vaccinated to enter their country for tourism. As soon as vaccinated tourists are approved for entry, or if any new border policies are announced for people who received a vaccine in the United States, we will share the information here.

I'm Vaccinated, Can I Go to Canada for Work?

Depending on a person's exact reason for travel, an American who has been vaccinated may be able to enter Canada for work or business purposes. For example, pilots and flight attendants, merchant mariners, doctors, nurses, commercial truck drivers, and other essential workers can now travel to Canada if they have a COVID vaccine record card. People with close family in Canada, or who are in a serious relationship with someone who lives there, may also be allowed to visit Canada if they have been vaccinated for COVID-19 and variants. Driving through Canada between Alaska and the Lower 48 can also be possible for US citizens with acceptable proof of vaccination.

Canada Border News

June 17th Update - Canadian Intergovernmental Affairs Minister, Dominic Leblanc, has told reporters the Government will likely announce an official border reopening plan in the next week. He suggested the Canadian border will not open to fully vaccinated US citizens immediately, however, but that a gradual reopening would begin in July 2021.

June 14th Update - The Federal Government of Canada has embarked on Phase 1 of a multiphase approach to lifting COVID travel restrictions at their border to vaccinated persons. Last week the Government announced all fully vaccinated travelers allowed to enter Canada under the current rules will soon be able to skip the 14-day quarantine requirement.

June 9th Update - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated anyone coming to Canada once the border reopens needs to be fully vaccinated before arriving.

June 7th Update - Airlines for America and the National Airlines Council of Canada, trade groups representing airlines in the USA and Canada, has sent a letter to the Canadian Government urging them reopen air travel between the two nations. Vaccination rates are now extremely high in both countries, and the letter mentions that air travel between Canada and the US enables more than $700 billion in cross-border trade.

June 1st Update - According to a poll conducted by Angus Reid Institute, more than 75% of Canadians think only travelers that show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 should be allowed to enter Canada once the border reopens.

May 23rd Update - A Canadian Government minister told media on Friday that some vaccinated Americans may be able to travel to Canada very soon, as border measures could be loosened in the "coming weeks" if COVID case numbers continue declining.

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